Biological and Chemical Sensors

CFD Research Corporation develops leading-edge sensing technologies for civilian and military applications. Our expertise in electrochemistry, materials science, and systems engineering, combined with state of the art laboratory facilities at the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology (HAIB) allow us to develop, evaluate, and optimize innovative designs in sensors. Our innovations are designed to enable longer-lasting, miniaturized systems for surveillance, detection, and monitoring. The team has developed several unique devices including:

Micro Power & Sensing

Nanoplasmonic Sensor

SPR chip for concurrent detection of multiple proteins with ultra-high sensitivity.

Nanoimpedance Chemical Sensor

For detecting trace amounts of hazardous chemicals in environmental, aqueous samples (Toxic Industrial Compounds)

Portable Biohazard Sampler

The portable electrostatic air sampler efficiently captures bacteria, spores, dust and viruses.

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