Hemodialysis Catheter

Catheter Design Catheter Closeup Catheter Design with Close-Up of Patented Diverting Structure Chart

CFD Research Corporation has developed a novel and highly improved double-lumen hemodialysis catheter (US patent No. US 6,409,700 B1). This catheter has the potential to shorten therapeutic time (hospital stay) and reduce discomfort levels for kidney patients. The new catheter performs better than other catheters currently available on the market.

  • Allows higher flow rates and reduced suction pressure
  • Operates with minimal access recirculation
  • Shows a linear variation of threshold venous flow rate with respect to the catheter flow rate
  • Non-hemolytic

The novel feature of this catheter is the presence of a diverting structure (shoulder shape) that has a straight up distal face and a sloped proximal face. The diverting structure functions to reduce access recirculation and to raise pressure in the vicinity of the inlet aperture.

The concept of placing a diverting structure was conceived during large number of numerical experiments. The location as well as the shape of the diverting structure was also optimized using CFD simulations. The experimental verifications were carried out for selected CFDRC prototypes and commercial catheters. This development was supported by NIH SBIR and CFDRC's IR&D projects.

CFDRC has the capability to design and develop catheters for different applications. Please contact us for more information or a discussion on your specific needs.

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