SynVivo Chips

SynVivo is a microchip platform that provides a physiologically realistic microfluidic environment that allows the real-time study of cellular behavior and drug delivery. SynVivo recreates the complex in vivo vasculature including scale, morphology, fluidics and cellular interactions in an in vitro environment enabling basic and applied life sciences research.

SynVivo Chips are available for purchase to use in research studies. Please visit our SynVivo microsite for more information and to request a quote. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your SynVivo application needs.

Applications include:

  • Basic research on:
    • Cellular behavior and microcirculatory dysfunction
    • Drug particle adhesion and uptake mechanisms
  • Drug delivery particles and optimization
  • Drug discovery in:
    • Inflammation (Host immune response)
    • Cancer (Tumor microenvironment)
    • Thrombosis (Blood cell interactions)
    • Infectious disease (Host pathogen interactions)
  • Drug candidate efficacy and toxicology evaluations


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Patents Awarded/Pending:

  • "Synthetic Microvascular Networks "; U.S. Patent #7,725,267 (open for license)
  • "Synthetic Microfluidic Microvascular Networks"; U.S. Patent #8,175,814 (open for license)
  • "Idealized Synthetic Microvasculature Chip (SMN)"; Patent Pending (open for license)
  • "Synthetic Microvascular Networks - Blood Brain Barrier"; Patent Pending (open for license)
  • "SMN for Leukocyte Adhesion"; Patent Pending (open for license)
  • "SMN for Tumor Drug Delivery"; Patent Pending (open for license)

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