Systems Biology & Bioinformatics

CFD Research Corporation develops bioinformatics and systems biology analysis tools to enable academic, government, and corporate researchers to manage and analyze the increasing volume and specificity of genomic, proteomic, metabolomic, pathology, and pharmacology data that is currently available. Our expertise in mathematics, computer science, and database design combined with our deep knowledge of biological systems has enabled us to develop novel analytical and data warehousing applications for our clients. Two critical areas of tool design and construction include:


Novel Tools Used in the Fight Against Malaria

The Systems Biology & Bioinformatics group is contributing to the fight against malaria on two fronts: developing informatics solutions to expedite the identification of novel natural productsfor the treatment of malaria, and developing analytical tools to process microarray data from patients on antimalarials that will identify indicators of susceptibility to neurotoxicity associated with mefloquine.

Large Scale Biological Data Management & Analysis Solutions

Our flagship database platform, cipherDB enables a researcher to store, manage and analyze large, multi-terabyte size datasets containing a host of biological data types including gene expression arrays, protein expression arrays and immunoassays. We provide custom solutions that combine efficient storage with enhanced collaborative environments for a total solution.

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