Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) Expedited Professional and Engineering Support Services (EXPRESS):

CFDRC is on multiple Technical Domain teams providing engineering, testing, and modeling and simulation support to AMCOM and its tenant agencies.

Aviation & Missile Solutions, LLC
BPA: W31P4Q-05-A-0027; POC: Paula Cushman (256) 713-5901

BPA: W31P4Q-05-A-0032; POC: Jeanette Chudy (256) 922-4679

BPA: W31P4Q-09-A-0020; POC: Richard Turner (256) 319-9203

BPA: W31P4Q-05-A-0031; POC: Elton Akins (256) 842-0427

Torch Technologies
BPA: W31P4Q-09-A-0021; POC: Clay Hagan (256) 319-6045

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