Next Generation Biofuels

CFDRC is applying its expertise in fluid flow and reaction modeling to advance technology in the area of advanced biofuels production. Specifically of interest are algae based biofuels which have the promise of temporary carbon sequestration and growth on non-arable lands with non-potable water supplies.

CFDRC is developing tools, techniques, and equipment to address the high-cost/high-energy bottlenecks that are holding back commercialization of these biofuels, namely, the design and optimization of algal growth systems, dewatering technology, and oil extraction technology.

CFDRC is actively pursuing technological advancements in biofuels related topics such as:

Next Generation Biofuels
  • Physics-based computational tools to model algae growth systems
  • Novel low cost / low energy separation technology (dewatering)
  • Novel electrokinetic cell lysing technology (oil extraction)

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