CFDRC Recognized by National Science Foundation

Growing Power of Multiphysics Simulations
From SBIRs to Products and Services for Industry and Defense

The ever-increasing pace of global competition and convergence of new technologies raises many complex technical and business questions. Fortunately, the growing power of engineering simulations can provide unique insights and help significantly in making timely and objective decisions. CFD Research Corporation (CFDRC), a Small Business in Huntsville, Alabama, has embraced the challenge of developing and commercializing advanced simulation capabilities as their core business.

CFDRC has developed unique capabilities for coupled Multiphysics Simulations of Fluid, Thermal, Chemical, Biological, Electrical, and Mechanical phenomena for real-world applications. Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) programs, particularly NSF-funded projects for basic developments, have been of pivotal importance in this endeavor. Many new technologies have culminated in the commercial Multiphysics Software, CFD-ACE+, which has been further developed, validated and applied under non-SBIR projects and licenses from industry, universities, and government labs.

NSF Group
Drs. S. Sundaram, V. Kolobov,
A. Singhal (President), S. Lowry, and
A. Przekwas (Sr. Vice-President)

Commercializing New
Technologies, Globally.

CFDRC has successfully led the way for effective use of multiphysics simulations, working with over 500 worldwide organizations in biomedical, life sciences, semiconductor, electronics, materials, fuel cells, automotive, and aerospace industry.

For Specific Technical Examples and a look at CFDRC's Future Plans click here.

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