CFDRC has developed several products to aid researchers in the biomedical field. We are constantly developing and updating our products to suit customer needs. We have many configurations of each product available and can develop custom solutions to meet your needs.

SynVivo Chips

The SynVivo microchip platform is a patent protected technology developed by CFD Research Corporation (CFDRC) and is available for academic or commercial use. The platform features a disposable chip that is imprinted with microvascular networks, a pump to perfuse cells, reagents, and solutions and a customized software for analysis of experimental data. Service based testing for drug screening is also available.

Bio-Fidelic Phantoms

CFDRC has extensive experience in creating bio-fidelic phantoms for experimental research. Phantom models can be instrumented with pressure sensors, accelerometers, microphones, and other instrumentation as necessary. All phantoms have been created from real anatomical image data, and corresponding geometry and mesh models are available as well. All models are created with greatest anatomical precision with 3D printing and molding technology.

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